Pabinvest is a financial organization operating under the supervision of the National Bank of Georgia, which has been making investments since 2019 and cooperates with a number of international funds and organizations.

The main goal of Pabinvest's activity


Is to rehabilitate people's financial situation. In particular, Pabinvest serves people who are trying to cover accumulated debt obligations and find a way to financial stability, which can be achieved based on an individually developed plan, with proper information of the user.

In that reality, where the most important institution is the banking system and the use of its services, economic recovery and full use of banking and financial services are critically important for the customer. Helping people get out of financial trouble with our advice and support means contributing to a healthy economy. In a healthy economy, companies thrive, which benefits society as a whole.

Based on many years of experience and customer-oriented policy, Pubinvest provides timely and high-quality service delivery, which is determined by the involvement of a team of qualified employees and software/technical provision.

Company Vision


As a market leader, we see our company as a role model as we constantly set new standards for financial rehabilitation of individuals.